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Mill Valley, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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Glassdoor, gegründet im Jahr 2007, ist die weltweit transparenteste Job- und Recruiting-Community, durch die sich die Stellensuche sowie das Rekrutieren von Talenten schon jetzt von Grund auf ändern. Glassdoor bietet kostenlose und ... Mehr lesen

Leitbild: Menschen weltweit bei der Suche nach ihrem Traumjob und dem für sie perfekten Arbeitgeber helfen.

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Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman
Robert Hohman
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    „Sales - great place if you are positive, patient, and adaptable”

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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Account Manager in Mill Valley, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Account Manager in Mill Valley, CA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
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    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Glassdoor (mehr als ein Jahr)


    * Great People from Peers to Leaders - working here is genuinely fun and the people are awesome! In addition to senior leadership being super personable and humble, I've made some great friends here and am almost always happy to come into work every morning to see my coworkers/friends even though I have the flexibility to work from home! I do not take this for granted as I know what it’s like from past jobs to dread going to work every day.

    * Constant Learning Opportunities - there is a lot to learn in Account Management. From formal Franklin Covey Sales Training to tribal knowledge (and a pretty unique knowledge-sharing sales culture) to working with clients in a variety of industries I am constantly sharpening my skills. Even when you know how to do your job there is ample opportunity to get involved cross-functionally, with trainings, interviews, etc and continue learning about business.

    * Managers in Growth - tend to be awesome. I’ve worked closely with all of the managers in SMB Growth and have found them to all be incredible people. I've loved both my managers and they have definitely been instrumental in motivating me to stay at Glassdoor through good times and bad!!

    * Flexible Schedule/Travel Opportunity - Managers in Growth are understanding about working from home which is amazing. I don’t use it that often but it’s great to feel like I am trusted and treated with respect. I often feel like I truly am the owner of my own business (my book of clients). Working with clients across locations and industries is really fun and we get the opportunity to plan our own travel to in person client meetings which is awesome!

    * Mission - easy to get behind. For all the random tech companies to sell for, I might not be saving lives but maybe I’m helping a company hire people who are :)

    * Dogs in the office are the best thing ever, definitely make my day every day!

    * Office Location - being on the water in Mill Valley is amazing. The reverse commute is easy, it is serene environment and beautiful to get out of the city and have lunch outside every day

    * Food - I genuinely appreciate the daily catered lunch, tea/snacks. They have options for every dietary restriction which goes a long way!


    * Culture on the Decline - Our culture has suffered a lot recently, and I'm not sure why or how to fix it. The Fun Committee has pretty much disappeared. Monthly happy hours that used to be a blast have virtually zero attendance. It makes me sad how impersonal/automated company and department wide communications have become.
    * @Sales Leadership: Bluejeans Sales Huddles suck! It was way more fun and motivating when we convened in the cafe. I am guessing these measures have been taken to save time/efficiency but the result is a disjointed community and everyone is multitasking, not actually paying attention to the meetings as we would in person. This also takes away face-time with leadership that we really enjoyed! I also feel this way about the Video Company All Hands - which I’m guessing <50% of the company actually watched. I don’t think I'm the only one who STRONGLY prefers real meetings.

    * SMB Growth partnership with CSS on Job Ads is NOT working. We need to allow high-spending job-ads accounts to have CSMs. I want to sell my clients the product that is the right fit to help them succeed, but it is getting to a point where i am fearful to move clients from slots to ads because there is a major risk the campaigns will not launch and will not perform as they are barely managed. When growth reps are measured on MCV and selling POCs we are being set up to fail attainment-wise if the trials we sell do not even launch so we obviously can’t prove performance in a short period. Glassdoor is an amazing product when we launch and when educated CSMs are managing campaigns - please help us help our clients succeed!!

    * FY19 Sales Changes are a Bummer - We moved from a Bookings attainment model to Monthly Contract Value (MCV) and it has been a nightmare. Even after finally understanding how it works (far into the fiscal year, and I’m sure some people are still lost), it became apparent how flawed this model is. It is not motivating in the way Bookings was and forecasting is a headache and a half. MCV doesn’t make sense for getting promoted/switching roles or leaving the company because there is no way for reps to get credit in these situations and it's shocking that there was no foresight into this. Leadership tries to spin it as that we should do what is best for the business but at the end of the day that is an unreasonable ask - I am a sales person and am motivated by getting credit for what I sell. Please switch back to bookings in FY20!

     * Forecasting Mess - I know this has been mentioned in other reviews. We switched forecasting tools form Clari to Aviso which has been a struggle since Aviso doesn’t work, deals randomly fall out, notes won’t update etc. I spend 2x as long on forecasting as I used to when we used Clari. This tool was supposed to be rolled out to use at the start of FY19 (April) but it is now almost half way through the year and it is still not working. It’s hard to get excited about promises made at SKO when the result is this far off year after year. How does it take this long?

    * Onboarding is Not Great - important note if you are considering accepting a job at Glassdoor: our on boarding experience in growth can be a bit of a “find your own way” experience as training is geared towards new business. Luckily, people are generally really nice and happy to help, but it’s not a hand-held easy training experience last time I checked. Be ready to make your own way, start-up style... even though we are not a start-up anymore which is awkward.

    * Billing & Sales Ops are both ridiculously understaffed, which has a major negative impact on sales teams. Leadership/HR if you read this - please please hire more billing people!

    Rat an das Management

    I know we as Glassdoor do our best to “walk the talk” of transparency and valuing the employee experience. I am proud to work here and love being a champion for Glassdoor and working with my clients. I would not do anything differently, and hope to continue wanting to stay here for several more years. That said, morale in Growth is pretty low right now and I’m starting to worry I won’t be motivated to get promoted to Enterprise Growth if things don’t change due to the pain they are experiencing (per the recent reviews). I am hopeful that you will listen to my and others' feedback and try to make change. Thank you for reading this!

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