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Find the top minimal m elements of n elements in O(n) time

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A basic heap would take O(n lg n) time, which wouldn't work here. One step better would be to limit the heap to m elements, which would make it O(n lg m), which is O(n) for sufficiently small m. This may be simply undoable for m == n in O(n) time.

I take that back; it's not undoable. You can find the m'th smallest element in O(n) time; C++ has this implemented as std::nth_element, even. Once you have the m'th smallest element, sweep the input another time and bucket everything smaller than it, which is a second O(n) pass. But yeah; a heap will always be O(n lg m) here, which becomes O(n lg n) if m==n.

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Given an array of integers, implement a class to take a snapshot. In particular 2 methods: - int takeSnaphost() //returns the snapshot id - int getFromSnapshot(int snapshotId, int arrayIndex)

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How did you solve the problem of the camera mount shaking while in flight?

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The question was to find all taxi numbers from 0 - 10^6. Taxi number is a number which can be written as the sum of two squared number, and can be written as two different representations: Taxi number = a^2 + b^2 = c^2 + d^2

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what kind on an animal would i choose to be?

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You have a list of matches, where each match is a pair of ints meaning (ID of Player One, ID of Player Two) where in that match player one is better than player two. Make a ranking of all the players in order.

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One non-algorithmic question I got asked was about the an interesting project I worked on.

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Which are the Software design patterns you know?

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All the typical HR questions have been asked. Why you wanna leave your current job? why you think you are perfect? why you wanna join this company? what you know about this company etc. Also where you see yourself in 3 years? what was a tough moment at work? strengths? weaknesses?

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How would you implement bubble sort with a heap?

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