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what kind on an animal would i choose to be?

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i picked a liger, which is a mix between a lion and tiger.

donkey if hired

Currency arbitrage algorithm

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Theoretical with no value on day-to-day environment

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Why did you use a custom API solution instead of an Open Source one?

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In 3 hours, they asked me to do a spring boot application, that could respond at 3 REST call : - one for reading something in the database. - one for modifying something in the database. - one for inserting something in the database. For the call that should read in the database, it should wrap an error in case the resource you are asking is not present. When starting the application, it should automatically populate the database, just 1 table, with some data. When you are finish, you have to push your application in your githib account.

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Write in the paper an algorithm to merge two arrays into an ordered new array.

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TCP/UDP packet layer, rooting, HTTP Layer, symmetrical and asymmetrical critography, RSA256, SSH, Kafka, message broker, Hadoop, SQL, Java. With a very detailed level

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