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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Senior Software Engineer


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Creating application UI Mockup - difficult if one comes with no software to do that.

They mostly asked me about my technical background and why i love working with technology. They did not really test with stupid things - but asked many many questions about my background and how i would solve this or that technical problem.

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- Assignment - On-site presentation of the assignment - On-site live coding session - Design patterns, coding best practices, API design best practices etc.

what kind on an animal would i choose to be?

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To give a presentation on a lot of material thrown at me without warning, this was to assess my general ability to process information quickly and pick out key information.

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Write a method to output the Fibonacci sequence.

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TCP/UDP packet layer, rooting, HTTP Layer, symmetrical and asymmetrical critography, RSA256, SSH, Kafka, message broker, Hadoop, SQL, Java. With a very detailed level

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Describe yourself, what do you do in your free time, are you mobile, are you able to work in a team (3 times)

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