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Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now

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The obvious ones: strengths, weaknesses...

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Was sind Deine Stärken und Schwächen. Wieso möchtest Du wechseln? Wie sieht der Sales Prozess nach Deinen Vorstellungen aus?

Pour préparer le Lab: - Study and get familiar with our NGIT, IT-as-a-Service offering (based on our website and your own general knowledge of the domain - our websites are basic) - Study the Managed Service / Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers in the local/regional market and identify competitors or partners - Understand the benefits of an “IT as a Service” approach compared to other "managed" service outsourcing approaches not focusing on the value of integration - Understand the benefits of an hybrid IT approach combining on prem, NGIT hosted and public cloud hosted systems, map these benefits with challenges of less general approaches (as a target of transformation or as a starting point for a given prospect), identify the key challenges and success factors of such an approach Based on your preparation, we expect you to deliver: 1) A corporate presentation of PSiDEO and NGIT services, typical to what you would present during a first introductory meeting with a prospect. You will use this document for the first part of the lab - invent what you don't know (and cannot learn from our limited web presence) about our company and offering. 2) A document template and multiple instances of the template that will summarize your researches on the competitors / partners. This set of documents is typically one that would be kept as an internal reference to summarize the study and should be crafted so that it (each document) can easily be updated in the future (version control, in document change tracking, …). 3) A document summarizing your preparation and findings on "IT as a Service" and hybrid IT approaches with references you've used as well as summaries (with your words) of what you've learned from your different sources. 4) A questionnaire that will identify the typical questions you would ask to assess/qualify a prospect that is interested in IT-as-a-Service solutions from PSiDEO/NGIT. During the first part of your lab, we will ask you to present (a typical 1st meeting presentation you would do with a new prospect, in English and with a PowerPoint support (we’ll provide you with a projection facility)) PSiDEO as a company and NGIT services (full service or accelerators, based on your preparation and on contents from our web sites and You will use the first deliverable of your preparation for this part. During the second part of the lab, we will simulate a qualification meeting with a prospect that is interested in NGIT services. You will need to gather the necessary information in order to be able to prepare a quote. You will use the fourth deliverable of your preparation for this part. Last part of the lab will be focusing on a sales proposition preparation and then its presentation to a customer.

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