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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Quantitative analyst


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What are the risks of trading with derivatives?

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Market risk, counterparty risk.

Options - Greeks risk (delta, Vega, theta, gamma etc) Futures - Delta

How to measure the worst case scenario for a mortgage loan

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Zahlreiche Denkaufgaben aus der Spieletheorie, Wahrscheinlichkeit und Querdenken

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Warum wollen Sie diese Stelle antreten, wenn Ihnen auch andere Optionen offen stehen?

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Determine the credit rating of an individual

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The technical questions: 1. You want to measure the temperature of an oven. You have three measurements from three thermometers, which are unbiased, but each with a different variance: {1, 1, 2}. Out of these measurements, how will you estimate the oven temperature most accurately? 2. A rare disease occurs in 1 out of 1000 people. If you don’t have the disease there is a 5% chance that you test positive. If a person tests positive in a clinic, what is the probability that he/she has the disease? I don't remember the numbers exactly, but this was the nature of the question. I used Bayes theorem to answer it.

Types of trades I take Knowledge on options and volatility regimes

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