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Interview only lasted 15 min over the phone. It was a conference call from professionals at the headquarter and in regional and local offices. The questions were not too surprising: I had to present my self, explain my understanding of the position and justify my readiness to move to a developing country. The trickiest question was about cultural differences and how to overcome them. I was asked how I perceived the challenges of working with government representatives from developing countries.

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I summarised my approach a bit bluntly by saying that under such conditions it was making a lot of sense to first listen, listen and then listen again about their needs and constrains before I'd propose a way forward. To be honest I was unsure I had convinced them I would be the right person for the job at the end of the interview even thought I was sure I had given a quite coherent perspective of how I would embark on this assignment if selected.

About my Master studies

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Quel genre de défis devra surmonter un candidat issu d’Afrique quand il doit interagir avec des projets de bénéficiaires locaux basé dans plus de 40 pays différent et travaillant avec des administrations publiques.

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