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Tell me about yourself, I want the full picture, from your early days til now

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You need to have a clear idea of who you are and show you have a real reason to be there thinking of working for L'Oréal

Strengths and weaknesses

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Describe yourself, what experience do you have - industry + product related, how do you overcome challenges, etc.

No technical questions which made the interview very suspicious indeed the job was extremely boring, it was not a PM position more anadministration jobs

Das Niedrigzinsumfeld ist sehr Anspruchsvoll. Viele Versicherungsprodukte sind für Kunden unattraktiv. Was denken Sie dazu? Weshalb haben Sie damals Aktivität XY gemacht? Weshalb habe Sie von X nach Y gewechselt? Wieso möchten Sie heute wechseln?

several incremental questions around the scenario of expanding an existing product to a new market.

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