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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Engineer


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Which are the Software design patterns you know?

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I didn't said Factory, or Decorator or Facade because I am terrible with terminology. i applied those patterns in the past but I don't know them by the name. they were looking for someone that can code out of their head. Like google does, only that google pays 40% more so if you are this type of guy don't waste your time on Avaloq.

All the typical HR questions have been asked. Why you wanna leave your current job? why you think you are perfect? why you wanna join this company? what you know about this company etc. Also where you see yourself in 3 years? what was a tough moment at work? strengths? weaknesses?

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Previous experience in the field?

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Selon vous, qu'est-ce qu'un bon ingénieur principal ?

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Selon vous, à quoi ressemble une journée de travail ici au bureau ?

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Wo sehen sie sich in 5 Jahren? (Weiterbildung, etc.)

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Have you got previous experience with google suite? If so, which products in particular?

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