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Fragen in Vorstellungsgesprächen für Director


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How many training managers do you know?

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I know a few, but more importantly I know how to contact and meet with any training manager.

What are you doing today ? What makes you thing that you are the right person for the job ? Where do you see you in 3/5 years ? Are you able to travel from time to time.....

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They tried to find the level of motivation and determination to get the job, also testing experinence

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how much I value entrepreneurship and autonomy for decision making

Describe a situation where one of yours direct reports was not performing? What did you do to change the situation?

Have you ever been in an organisation that used continuous delivery? What did the system look like?

Questions related to management experience and technical expertise.

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How do you understand the role you are applying for?

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nothing special, the usual 'what did you do at your former employer', strengths and weaknesses

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