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Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch: Customer engagement executive


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Salary expected Previous experiences

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I am interrested by the job. Waiting for next steps

Warum haben Sie sich bei uns beworben? Was sind Ihre Erwartungen? Was qualifiziert Sie für diese Stelle?

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1st call - Strengths and weaknesses - Examples of different work situations and how I handled these 2nd call - specific examples of work situations - how would I add value to the job

- tell me about your experience - how would you expand business at client X? - several questions on a table with approx 10 covariates and their risk ratios / p-values. - how do you split train/cross-validation datasets? what are the most common cross-validation techniques? - what is the curse of dimensionality?

We had to design a client onboarding process then build the interface and at the end describe the different steps to release the project.

Tell me about yourself Find a pair of elements in an array who's sum equals n.

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