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  • „UX and people focus: great culture, talented people, opportunity to learn and freedom to experiment.”

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    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Interaction Designer in Zürich
    Ehem. Mitarbeiter - Interaction Designer in Zürich
    Positive Prognose

    Ich habe in Vollzeit bei Ginetta gearbeitet (Über 3 Jahre)


    I worked at Ginetta for almost 5 years and I consider it the best place I have ever worked in terms of culture, learning opportunities and people.

    - Great environment where everyone cares for each other including management.
    - Great place to learn about user experience and strategy.
    - You can start as a beginner and build your skills inside the company. You'll be given the freedom and motivation to grow and become great in what you do. Leadership is something that is required from you and will open you more doors as much you embrace it.
    - Interesting clients and projects, where teams are mostly motivated and aligned towards a common goal. This is something that is hard to get when working for a product company.
    - Great benefits, such as, education/conference budget, gym membership, lunch, afterwork events or company trips.
    - Always in the forefront of new tools and methodologies.
    - Beautiful designed office with everything you need not only to work but also to relax and really enjoy being at work.
    - Great and talented people will be working with you. You'll learn, teach and share memorable work and personal experiences. It's hard to find such a wonderful group of people in many other work places.
    - Competitive salary and generous end of the year bonus.


    - Sometimes business can become more important than people and you'll have to work/do things that might not be that fun, which in fact happens everywhere.
    - As everyone needs to take leadership, sometimes it can lead to miscommunication, thus it's important to be open about what you do.
    - Too little work after the project is finished. At that time we were missing the actual project monitoring part, typical from working in an agency.

    Rat an das Management

    Thank you for the great time I had at Ginetta and everything I got from the company, the clients and mostly the team. Based on my experience I would recommend to be more open to experiment with different ways of working, as well as, to work or share insights with other companies.

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Etwa CHF 79Tsd–CHF 92Tsd
CHF 79Tsd
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Etwa CHF 79Tsd–CHF 92Tsd
CHF 79Tsd
CHF 92Tsd
1 Mitarbeitergehalt oder Schätzwert
Etwa CHF 92Tsd–CHF 108Tsd
CHF 92Tsd
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Etwa CHF 92Tsd–CHF 108Tsd
CHF 92Tsd
CHF 108Tsd

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