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Berlin (Deutschland)
Mehr als 10'000 Mitarbeiter
2 bis 5 Milliarden CHF pro Jahr
Growing from a pioneer in e-commerce to an integrated fashion platform with 25 million active customers within 10 years, we’ve learned that openness and trust are more powerful than a controlling approach.

Zalando is powered by a diverse and highly ... Mehr lesen

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  • For the past year, our group of Engineering Leads worked to improve collaboration and cross functional communication across teams. This was the result of team retrospectives and employee surveys indicating required improvement in these areas. One initiative which we took to address these issues was to implement role rotation amongst engineers. The goal of this developer rotation was to establish cross-functional knowledge sharing, encourage cross team collaboration within the department, and bring greater product awareness.

    Rotating Engineers at Zalando - Zalando Tech Blog

    For the past year, our group of Engineering Leads worked to improve collaboration and cross functional communication across teams. This was the result of team retrospectives and employee surveys indicating required improvement in these areas. One initiative which we took to address these issues was to implement role rotation amongst engineers.

  • In December, Hive Helsinki - The Code School was announced. Zalando is a proud partner of Finland's first higher-education level code school. Through revolutionary collaborative learning, Hive pledges to train the next generation of world-class coders, giving the youth of today the tools to solve problems of tomorrow.

    Now is the time to apply! Your first challenge will be an online logic test. Beat the game and you’ll get the chance to see if Hive Helsinki is made for you.

    Go to and to see if your future is written in code. There is no age limit and no previous coding skills are required. Good luck!

    Apply here:

    Hive offers a 3-year higher-education level program based on collaborative project-based learning. It is unique and designed for creative and motivated individuals who have problem-solving skills and an open-mind.

    Hive offers a 3-year higher-education level program based on collaborative project-based learning. It is unique and designed for creative and motivated individuals who have problem-solving skills and an open-mind.

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Zalando – Warum wir?

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform. We offer our customers a one-stop, convenient shopping experience with an extensive selection of fashion articles including shoes, apparel and accessories, with free delivery and returns.

Our assortment of almost 2,000 international brands ranges from popular global brands, fast fashion and local brands, and is complemented by our private label products. Our localized offering addresses the distinct preferences of our customers in each of the 17 European markets we serve: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Our growing fashion logistics network allows us to efficiently serve our customers and brand partners throughout Europe, supported by warehouses in Northern Italy, France and Sweden with a focus on local customer needs.

We believe that our integration of fashion, operations and online technology gives us the capability to deliver a compelling value proposition to both our customers and fashion brand partners. Zalando’s shops attract over 250 million visits per month. In 2018, 80% of traffic came from mobile devices, resulting in 25 million active customers.

Every employee writes Zalando's success story every day. We are proud of our strong, international team that has quickly put promising ideas into action and has always broken new ground to find the best solution together.

Meet some of our people that play Zalando.

"1993 I came to Germany fleeing from the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 8 years of the 24 years that I'm in Germany now I live in Berlin. I've done a lot of different jobs throughout my career but no job compares to my current one. I'm working in Zalando's Content Creation for two years now and it feels like a second home. I'm very thankful for all the new people I constantly get to meet and am excited to be surrounded by so much creativity every day. I plan to stay here :)" Mehmed Suko, Model Booker.

"I love how Zalando combines structure and chaos so successfully. It consistently amazes me, how this loose aggregation of people within the light structure of Radical Agility drives the business forward by delivering across a huge spectrum of technology, sometimes in delightfully unexpected ways. Everywhere I look, people are proud of what they are building and how they are building it, as they lay the foundation to disrupt the European fashion industry." Eric Bowman, VP Engineering.

"There is nothing better than finding the balance to enjoy being a dev and a mum. My idol Michael Jordan says 'JUST DO IT' - so I thought doing something in the 'IT' industry. Talking about the feeling of Zalando - it's as crazy as me at times, in the best possible way. I mean, I quit my job when I was pregnant to take on the challenge of coming to the foreign land of Germany. Zalando attracts and connects intelligent people, grows their curiosity, encourages sparkling ideas and pushes them to go as far as they can go. For me, Zalando is a wonderland of freedom." Qian Jiang, Software Engineer.

"I joined Zalando SE after quitting my job at a major tech company in Silicon Valley. Now I can combine my passion for Fashion and Tech and work in Germany's Berlin Valley. I currently lead an ambitious operations team at the Zalando Partner Program where we connect leading fashion brands to the Zalando platform while shaping the online fashion marketplace of the future. We are always looking for great people to join us!" Hanna Wolter, Team Lead Integration.


We reimagine fashion – and want to ask the right questions when things get more complex. For us, our purpose is a kind of guide with which we aim to achieve a common goal. Our purpose also gives us – as well as all the newly emerging business areas and collaborations that we are entering into as a company – a direction. In this way, we make every decision with complete clarity. Our purpose does not provide us with answers. However, it does help us to ask the right questions.


Every day that we come to work, we experiment, create, assemble, improve – and rethink.


From the very first moment, we had the crazy idea that the fashion ecosystem should benefit everyone – whether you celebrate your personal style every day, you simply want something to wear, or you earn money with your outfits.


No matter which business unit we belong to, every one of us wants to make the world of fashion more intelligent, friendlier and more open. For the doers and the rebels, brands and trendsetters. For everyone who is fed up with playing by the fashion rules of yesterday. In all this, we never lose sight of the big picture. The clothing, the clichés and the supply chain. In order to create a system that benefits everyone.


Our purpose challenges us to find solutions that produce the best results for people. Whether for customers, producers, trendsetters or brands, every single one plays an important role – directly or indirectly – in Zalando’s growing sphere of influence.

In 2015, we developed our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Strategy, which we call do.STRATEGY, and we have started to implement it. The name of the strategy describes our philosophy: we approach issues very pragmatically. This is exactly how we are tackling the issue of sustainability. Based on the requirements of our employees and customers, we have defined five focus areas for our strategy: do.GROW (our employees), do.KNOW (our supply chain), do.PROTECT (our environment), do.CONNECT (our community), do.RESPECT (our data protection).


Zalando was founded in Berlin and this is where it all comes together. With more than 6,000 employees spread around the city, Berlin is not just part of our DNA, it’s a pulse that runs through everything we do. Here’s where you’ll find hundreds of technologists swapping ideas and methods with fashion teams, and where the different parts of the business fuse to create a platform ideally set up to meet the challenges of an ever-changing fashion ecosystem.


At our Fashion Insights Centre in Dublin we connect data science and engineering to find and scale the technologies of tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of Zalando as a fashion knowledge platform. This involves multidisciplinary teams working together, designing and building large scale products and services that evolve our platform and impact the entire fashion ecosystem.


Teams at our Helsinki Tech Hub work on many of the cornerstones of our Fashion Store, including personalization and social fashion influencing components. Through full stack engineering and research, we turn visionary ideas into new emerging businesses with real potential. By tackling the most challenging problems for the fashion industry, we drive the personal digital experience and underlying knowledge models to create the most inspirational fashion experience for our customers.


Our team in Dortmund started as a specialist unit handling everything that relates to Payment. Here we develop our monitoring systems, collaborating with payment service providers to find innovative ways to create the most user-friendly checkout experience possible. We continuously add new areas of competency, with teams now focused on the tech challenges connected to mission-critical topics including consumer incentives, inventory management, transportation, fulfillment and stock valuation.


At our newly established Zalando Digital Experience (DX) Hub in Lisbon, we are are building the most inspiring and engaging customer experiences. Focusing on integrating the most inspirational external content for our visitors, the DX hub will enable new and unique fashion experiences delivered by third parties. By developing and prototyping new projects within the Digital Experience department, our Lisbon team is shaping the future of Zalando and setting high standards of software craftsmanship, ownership and excellence.


Our Mönchengladbach logistics center is a 130,000sqm state-of-the-art fulfillment center, purpose-built for Zalando in 2013. From here we process and ship tens of thousands of orders every day – to customers across Europe. As well as being part of Europe’s busiest fashion logistics network, we’re also continuously advancing our technology and processes. By pushing ourselves to think smarter and adapt faster, our teams are setting new levels of excellence for the industry while meeting the complex needs of our customers, helping people connect to fashion in ways that were never previously possible.


Our Erfurt logistics center is the first Zalando fulfillment center that we developed from scratch. Opened in 2012, the 130,000sqm center set new benchmarks for the industry, combining state-of-the-art infrastructure with smart thinking and great team support. From here we process and ship tens of thousands of orders every day – to customers across Europe. As well as being part of Europe’s busiest fashion logistics network, we’re also continuously advancing our technology and processes. This enables our teams to connect fashion to people faster and in ways that were previously unimaginable.


Zalando adtech lab spearheads data-driven media buying efforts with a focus on fashion-oriented buying strategies for accurate and relevant consumer targeting. As a team of data scientists, engineers and product managers, we tackle issues such as low latency and high throughput applications, pioneering ad technologies for partner brands as well as for Zalando.

We are also present in Lahr/Schwarzwald and many other locations in Germany and Europe.

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Zalando CEO Robert Gentz
Robert Gentz
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    „Zalando bietet für jeden Menschen eine Möglichkeit aus der Arbeitslosigkeit”

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    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Lagerhelfer/Entlader in Mönchengladbach (Deutschland)
    Akt. Mitarbeiter - Lagerhelfer/Entlader in Mönchengladbach (Deutschland)
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    Ich arbeite in Vollzeit bei Zalando (Weniger als ein Jahr)


    Ich bin Vollzeit bei Zalando beschäftigt und ich kann absolut nicht klagen. Im Gegenteil, ich arbeite sehr gerne dort und kann sagen es stimmt alles. Mit den Kollegen ( obwohl dort 86 Nationen arbeiten ) hatte ich bislang noch nie Probleme und mit den Team- und Abteilung-Leuten kann man jeder Zeit reden wenn man Probleme hat, sei es privater oder beruflicher Art. Man hat viele Möglichkeiten sich intern weiter zu entwickeln. Natürlich muss man bei Zalando auch seine Arbeit verrichten. Was die Pausen-Zeiten betrifft, haben wir 50 Minuten ( einmal 20 und einmal 30Min. ) und ja, blöde ist wenn man in Halle 5 arbeitet sein Pausenbrot jedoch in Halle 1 hat, aber daran arbeitet ja Zalando. Ich kann auch nicht nachvollziehen, dass Mitarbeiter ärger bekommen sollen, wenn sie mal eine kleine Trinkpause machen. Natürlich, wenn ich - wie ich es ehr oft schon gesehen habe, die Mitarbeiter bis zu 30 Minuten in den Gängen stehen und sich nur am Unterhalten sind, dann brauch man sich nicht wundern, wenn das Ärger mit sich bringt. Gearbeitet werden muss nun mal in jeder Firma, dafür bekommt man seinen Lohn, welcher bei Zalando definitiv nicht schlecht ist. Ich kann Zalando nur jedem empfehlen der einen Job oder eine Ausbildung sucht.


    Natürlich gibt es auch ein paar wenige negative Dinge zu berichten. So kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, dass die TLs in manchen Bereichen nicht wirklich durchgreifen z.B. Im Pick wo es tatsächlich so ist, dass einige Mitarbeiter sehr lange Zeiten in den Gängen stehen, und nur am labern sind, wobei sie die Wege der Picker blockieren.
    Es hat auch den Anschein, dass die Stower es nicht all zu ernst nehmen, mit dem Einsortieren der Wahre, so dass die Picker manchmal ne halbe Stunde nach einem Teil suchen müssen, weil statt der 15 Teile die sich in den Boxen befinden sollen, 50 Teile in die Boxen gequetscht werden. Oder noch schlimmer sich Kleinstteile in den A-Boxen befinden und da gehen über 300 hinein ( weiss ich weil ich da schon ein Teil suchen musste - dauerte genau 45 Minuten ).
    Auch was die Farbangaben angeht, da sollte sich Zalando echt mal Gedanken drüber machen, die Picker suchen ein Teil mit dem QL-4711, weiss, und finden es natürlich nicht wenn das besagte Teil eigentlich schwarz, rot oder grün ist. Da nützt es auch nicht wenn man ein T-Shirt sucht mit der Farbangabe blau, dieses aber tatsächlich weiss ist mit 3 blauen Punkte auf der Brustseite.
    Z.B. Wareneingang, es kann nicht sein, dass die Entlader eindeutige Anweisungen haben - z.B. bei Waren die von Fremdwaren verstellt sind, nicht abzuladen und eine AV zu machen und dann kommt 5 min. Später der Fahrer wieder, mit gleicher Wahre und die Entlader müssen abladen weil Berlin, da eine Ausnahmesituation daraus macht. Oder wenn Wahre mit mehr als einer Stunde Verspätung anliefern möchte ( was eigentlich auch eine AV wäre ), plötzlich von Berlin die Zeit anders terminiert wird, was im Büro nicht ersichtlich ist, dass die Angabe nun nachträglich geändert wurde. Die Damen und Herren im Büro können schließlich nicht ihr Augenmerk nur auf die eine Warenladung .richten, es kommen schließlich mehr als nur ein LKW am Tag.
    Wenn ein TL den Entladern sagt, die Wahre wird abgelehnt dies entsprechend auch vermerken lässt und Berlin dann ständig sagt,, wir nehmen wahre rein, verliert der TL sein Ansehen bei den Fahrern, denn es kommt immer häufiger vor, dass Wahre ordnungsgemäß abgelehnt wird, die Fahrer dann ihren Chef anrufen, dieser dann in Berlin anruft und Berlin dann den TL anruft und sagt, wir nehmen die Wahre ausnahmsweise an.

    Rat an das Management

    Die TLs sollten besser durchgreifen, Berlin sollte sich an die Regeln die sie vorgeben auch selbst einhalten und den TLs in den Rücken fallen.

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    Ich habe mich online beworben. Der Vorgang dauerte 4 Wochen. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Januar 2017 bei Zalando (Zürich).


    -Vorstellung Job, Von Seite Zalando und meiner Seits her, ebenfalls Vorstellung von Teamleiter
    - CV erklären
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  • Best Companies to Work For in Fashion, Business of Fashion, 2017
  • LinkedIn’s Top Company No. 1, LinkedIn Top Companies, 2017
  • zLabels Brand Even&Odd wins PETA Vegan Fashion Award, PETA Vegan Fashion Award, 2017
  • Zalando Outlet Cologne wins German Design Award, German Design Awards, 2018
  • Joy Trend Award, Joy Magazine, 2012
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