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  • San Francisco, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
  • 1''001 bis 5''000 Mitarbeiter
  • 15 Standorte
  • Art: Aktiengesellschaft (NEWR)
  • Gegründet 2008
  • Umsatz: 100 bis 500 Millionen $ (USD)
  • IT-Hardware
Founded in 2008, New Relic (NYSE: NEWR) gives engineers the platform and tools to take a data-driven approach to every stage of the software lifecycle. We help them go beyond surface-level data and fill in the gaps, confirm the guesses, and overcome assumptions, and opinions ...
Leitbild: Help every engineer do their best work every day—using data, not opinions—at every stage of the software lifecycle.


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We’re honored that GigaOm recognized our industry-leading innovations and named New Relic a Leader and Fast Mover in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for AIOps. GigaOm’s evaluation criteria and metrics spanned the full breadth, from technology to market success, including key product capabilities, product roadmap, strength of ecosystem, and execution. Read more about why GigaOm positioned New Relic near to the center of its radar using the link below. For more on how generative AI is changing everything about the observability industry, read Peter Pezaris’ thoughts in his latest post:
Shared image - AIOps Leadership Fueled by Collaboration
AIOps Leadership Fueled by Collaboration
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Today is groundbreaking in the world of observability. The industry’s first generative AI assistant, New Relic Grok, is here. Combining OpenAI’s multimodal large language models (LLMs) and the New Relic unified telemetry data platform, you can gain deep insight into a system's state simply by asking straightforward questions. Inside the New Relic platform, use a familiar chat interface to ask New Relic Grok your questions and it will respond with in-depth analysis, insights on root causes, and suggested fixes. All engineers—from developers to operations, security, product, support, and QA teams can become pros at observability and fix issues faster, reduce outages, and increase development velocity and innovation. Read more about Grok using the link below.
Shared image - Meet New Relic Grok, the first GenAI assistant for observability
Meet New Relic Grok, the first GenAI assistant for observability

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New Relic Chief Executive Officer Bill Staples
Bill Staples
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    Senior Solutions Consultant
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    New York, NY
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    Plenty of opportunity to learn, but a very Dev-ops heavy knowledge is pretty crucial. You'll need to learn fast, find information that is basically tribal knowledge, and sometimes if there isn't a fix in the product, you'll have to build your own solutions. Which can be good if you were looking forward to that, but bad that you might have to be your own Products development. Good integration going forward to make the platform easier to navigate, especially with their Grok AI initiative. Remote first company as of right now. Compensation is market competitive. A good push for diversity and inclusion. Flexible PTO. Good benefits package.


    Not a lot of room for any product developments that aren't already on the roadmap. So, if it's not already on the roadmap, it can be years (if ever) that the solution gets built. Or you can figure out a work around. Leadership seems to not have a clearly defined vision for more than 1 quarter at a time. Which makes it hard to create GTM planning and seem credible 3-6 months later. They definitely do work you pretty good and you will be very busy. Not necessarily a Con, but something worth noting.

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      Ich habe mich auf Empfehlung eines Mitarbeiters beworben. Vorstellungsgespräch absolviert im Sept. 2023 bei New Relic (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)


      The recruiter reached out, to book the interview. They took the majority of the time to speak about the state of the company during the first call and requested a second call to run the interview at which time I was told I was being moved forward. I was told I would hear from the hiring manager in just shy of a week. I did not hear back from either. After two emails with thanks and requesting an update, I never heard back from them.

      Tell me about your background and transitions.

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    • Leader in Innovation in Cloud Observability SolutionsGigaOm2023
    • RippleMatch Campus ForwardRipplematch2023
    • Fortune’s Best Workplaces in TechnologyFortune2022
    • Fortune’s Best Workplaces for MillennialsFortune2022
    • Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for APM and Observability in 2022Gartner2022

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