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Toronto, ON (Kanada)
201 bis 500 Mitarbeiter
Computer-Hardware & -Software
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Flipp Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer Wehuns Tan
Wehuns Tan
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    CEO rules with an iron fist. People that don't understand should leave, I've learned so much from him and I can't thank him enough for his tutelage. When people confront you, just bury them in work until their complaint is no longer relevant. When you confront others and they ask you to justify it, just let them know that they don't understand, belittle them until they no longer have the will to contradict you. Brilliant!

    The Leadership team in general has taught me that the best way to grow is to continue to do something until you fail miserably at it. Then where most people would be forced to leave, switch to another department and scapegoat your situation on the fact that you were doing more than you should have been. Brilliant!

    When things are falling apart all around you, pick a person in leadership that hasn't been there from the start and let them go. The ripples will be felt for months and people won't know what to do. It buys you time to contemplate your next move. Brilliant!

    If you're just an IC, you can expect that you're going to learn new lessons each and every week. The phone they gave me, an iPhone XS, doesn't stop ringing and is flush full of emails each and every night. I wake up to close to 300 emails every morning that require attention. I can take my work home with me while also feeling like my colleagues are always close by. I've never felt so loved. Brilliant!

    If you're in sales, you get tested on your knowledge of your customers to make sure you stay sharp. Do you know how much your customer spent yesterday, last week, last month, last year - well after a couple sessions you'll know it just as easily as you do the 35th digit of pi, it's 8 btw - go ahead and look it up, I'm prepared and ready to be tested. Brilliant!

    Want opportunity to advance? Well leaders are leaving each and every week so it opens up new opportunities. Want to be a director, but don't want to wait years to prove your mettle, just learn enough about the infrastructure, speak up in a few meetings, and then a few months later - a spot will be open because the director will have left - they were weak anyway. Bam - manager in 8 months, director in 2 years. Brilliant!


    How could a place like this have any cons? It's been an amazing journey, I just hope that I can survive to see the next phase of brilliance.

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    Keep on doing what you're doing. As you've said, we must be relentless with your vision and we can't let things like facts slow us down.

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